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Born in Holland, Margot Lieve moved to France in 2005. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague (Netherlands), in Antwerp (Belgium) and near Eric Dordregter, painter in the Hague, Holland, for four years.

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My work is based on the components colour and form, these two elements come into being while working and are therefore not a preconceived plan that should lead to something resembling ....... or something that should represent something. This way of working is embedded in my desire for freedom to "en route" my imagination. In this way intuition and reason enter into a connection that is touched again in the flowing colours; dream and reality merge.

("I dream of painting and then I paint my dream" Vincent van Gogh)


The colour appeals almost exclusively to the intuitive feeling, the form on the other hand to the rational mind. The landscape and universal loom up and dissolve again. Motifs emerge and disappear to be incorporated again in a modified colour pattern at a later stage. It is a constant search for a satisfactory result that invites the viewer to get to know it better.

Rather than paint and linen, you need your eyes to be able to paint, everything we absorb on a daily basis, for me these are the images that linger on my walks here in the French countryside, where you don't meet anyone and can only communicate with yourself. This great wealth of space, freedom and a beautiful hilly landscape with which I have been familiar for more than 15 years contribute to giving an impression of this on canvas.

The moment at which I decide to finish my work and consider it finished is hard to describe. Perhaps it is a good feeling that all the details have merged into a pleasant overall picture. Afterwards I may or may not give it a title, leave the viewer free to fill in his own perception, freedom for everyone, but above all an invitation from my side to take some time to really look at something.

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